About Us

Who is XL Automation?

XL Automation is an information blog where you can know about Technology. Our motive is to provide the right information to users on the website.

Our Mission

We are a team who helps our client to automate manual and repeated tasks. We provide the best service to our clients to make the process smooth and fast so that they can save their time and labor cost. We work as a Freelancer on the remote.

About Me

Mr. Umesh Manral has more than 8 years of working experience as a Programmer and Data Analyst in the marketplace FMCG, IT, and ECommerce and helps companies to develop business applications to make the process faster. He is also supporting students to provide the right information about the latest technologies by writing an article on the website.

What are Our Skills

  • iMacro
  • Python
  • VBA
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Google Sheet

How to Contact Us

We are available remotely, you can directly send us an email at info.xlautomation@gmail.com with any queries and questions. We will reply to your answers within 24 hours.

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