Best Managed WordPress Hosting Services in 2023

If you are a beginner in WordPress, you must be unfamiliar with the term ‘Managed WordPress Hosting’.

You must have noticed a sharp difference in price between Managed WordPress hosting and average shared hosting while checking WordPress companies.

So, if you too are confused about the difference between the both and want to know what is the actual deal about managed WordPress hosting and why is it best among all, you are at the right place.

In this article, while introducing you to the world of managed WordPress, we will acknowledge the pros and cons of managed WordPress and give you a brief overview on which are the top five managed WordPress hosting services. So, to know more about these, keep reading till the end.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting

The concept of managed WordPress hosting has arrived recently when WordPress gained enough popularity that the web hosting providers chose to specialize in WordPress and this is where Managed WordPress hosting came from.

To put it in simple words, managed WordPress hosting is a concierge service where you as a host can manage all the technical aspects of a running WordPress including security, backups, WordPress updates, speed, website uptime, and scalability.

Managed WordPress let you operate your system hassle-free as it provides premium support by real WordPress experts. So, if you are looking for fully managed hosting services, managed WordPress hosting is just the right match for you.

Best Managed WP Hosting Providers

#1 SiteGround

Best Managed WordPress Hosting


You can find Site Ground among the top hosting provider in the WordPress community. Site ground provides unique in-house WordPress speed and high-tech security solutions that will keep your site safe and furious. In fact, it is one of the most secured WordPress hosting providers. This hosting provider is officially recommended by WordPress and it can function 24×7.

It has many unique features including automatic upgrades, free CDN, timely backup built-in WP caching, one-click staging, GIT version control, etc. Another special and authentic feature of Siteground WordPress hosting is that it offers location-specific hosting which includes six data centers in Europe, Asia, the USA, and Australia. And if you are a WordPress beginner, you will get an extra 60% discount on its subscription.

#2 WP Engine

Best Managed WordPress Hosting


WP Engine is one of the most trustable WordPress hosting providers. Their fast and secure services help to keep your site safe and up to date. If you are using WP Engine, your website can never be hacked.

WP Engine is trusted by many popular brands like Yelp, National Geographic, MyFitnessPal, Asana, SoundCloud, HTC, Balsamiq, and PBS. WP Engine has got an average grade of A+ by the reviewers worldwide.

Some of its major features include automatic security updates, daily backups, automatic caching, one-click restore points, a one-click staging area, and premium quality security.

In fact, if you install WP Engine, you also get more than thirty-five premium StudioPress themes and Genesis framework along with your WP Engine accounts for free. If you are a beginner and do not know much about technology and WordPress, you can rely on WP Engine for being the fastest managed WordPress hosting.

#3 Bluehost

Best Managed WordPress Hosting


Even if all the mentioned hosting provider’s name sounds new to you, you must be familiar with Bluehost. Bluehost is one of the oldest WordPress hosting providers on the internet. Not only it is the oldest but it is also known for the best services it provides to beginners.

It has been ranked #1 in web hosting for small businesses. You will be surprised to know that, with your Bluehost account to every WP beginner user they provide a 63% discount, a free domain, a free site builder along with template ideas, and a free SSL.

The most special feature of Bluehost is its speed. Even if there is a lot of traffic on your website, Bluehost manages to keep your website smooth. Their 24×7 services are also one factor that makes them special. You can easily connect with their experts through phone calls, chat, or email.

#4 Liquid Web

Best Managed WordPress Hosting


Liquid Web has been leading the WordPress world since 1997 when it first started. Due to its fast and quality services, it is also known as “Heroic Support”.

Liquid support is mainly known for its VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, and managed cloud hosting. Liquid Web hosting providers can sink effortlessly with your website to provide high speed, well-performed, and secure services.

If you are signing up for Liquid Web, you will get staging sites, automatic and timely updates, and a personalized dashboard to manage your sites with great ease.

Many top companies like Motorola, Audi, Red Bull, and FedEx have chosen Liquid Web as their WordPress hosting provider because of its premium service.

#5 Dreamhost

Best Managed WordPress Hosting


Dreamhost is another trustable WordPress hosting provider which has been there in the market for more than seventeen years. If you are a newbie, Dreamhost is just the right WP hosting provider for you.

It is simple to use and has a custom dashboard, one-click WordPress install, unlimited space, automatic WordPress updates, unlimited bandwidth, and free SSDs. All these features will make your website faster than ever.

Dreamhost has been chosen by 1.5 million WordPress blogs and websites. Dreamhost has also been officially recommended by WordPress so you can be assured of not being fooled. If you are a WP beginner, you will get a flat discount of 72% along with a free domain and a free SSL certificate.

#6 HostGator

Best Managed WordPress Hosting


Hostgator is one of the simplest handle WordPress hosting providers. Its dashboard is also easy to understand and you can even handle it without an expert’s help.

It also gives cPanel to manage all your emails, domains, and other extensions. Even if you are skeptical about it, you can buy it as it provides a 45-days money-back guarantee. It provides high speed in most countries worldwide. Except for Mumbai, all timings were under Bitcatcha’s suggested limit of 180 ms.

The main features of Hostgator are free migration and domain, like any other good managed WordPress hosting provider, it also functions automated daily database backup and SSL certificate.

#7 Nexcess

Best Managed WordPress Hosting


Nexcess hosting service is known for its best page loading time. Its speed and quality are its top feature. They also handle WordPress security and provide managed WooCommerce hosting. Moreover, Nexcess has an image optimization plug-in, a customized dashboard, and a staging site.

It also provides tools that can compare site performance before and after adding the plug-in, and image compression to provide more storage, automatic updates, SSL certificates, and malware monitoring.

However, these services may vary according to the plan you choose. Don’t worry as Nexcess has overall 7 plans ranging from $190 to $9990 per year. So, you can choose according to your budget and requirement.

Does Your Site Need A Managed WordPress Hosting

If you are a beginner and have newly started your blog, we do not recommend you to go for a managed WordPress hosting service immediately. Regular WordPress hosting should be more than enough for you and it is also affordable.

Since you are a beginner, we assume you will not have much investment, so, it is better not to waste your money on unnecessary extensions. But if you still decide to go for a managed WordPress hosting, Bluehost is a good option for you as it is the cheapest managed WordPress hosting provider.

However, if you are a small business owner who needs more engagement and synchronization in your site, managed WordPress hosting can be your savior. But make sure to select the right one according to your needs and budget.

Especially, if you are not a technical person and do not know much about handling websites, you may face difficulties while maintaining your site from time to time.

In this case, if you use an average web hosting your site will face glitches and may also lag during heavy traffics. Moreover, you will be responsible for your site’s updates, speed, security, uptime, etc.


If you are not a technical person, and you are looking for a WordPress dedicated hosting, you will have two options. One, you may hire a team of experts who will handle your site and keep it safe and updated. On the other side, you can sign up for a reliable managed WordPress hosting provider to take care of your site and keep it trouble-free.

But keep it in mind that keeping a group of experts for your business will be a truckload of money and you must be an established business person to afford them. Moreover, manual labor is always risky.

You will have to choose wisely if your website is the only business you have because in that case, you cannot afford it to go down. Since you have already read about managed WordPress hosting, you will best know if you need it or if you can afford it.

In case, you choose to get one, we have already listed the Best hosting for WordPress conversion for you. Visit their websites, know more about them and select wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Managed WordPress Hosting Worth It

Managed WordPress Hosting is worth it only if you need its features. If you are a beginner at blogging, then you do not need a managed WordPress hosting, so, if you do install it, you are simply wasting your money.

But, if you are a businessman and your business is dependent on your website, you better not take any risk and select a reputed managed WordPress hosting provider for your site.

What Is The Difference Between WordPress Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting

The main difference between normal WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting is their limitations. While normal WordPress hosting allows you to host any website including simple HTML pages, managed hosting companies only allow WordPress sites.

What Makes Managed WordPress Managed

Managed WordPress and handles basic administrative works like installing WordPress, automatic daily backup, server-level caching, and WordPress core updates.

Which is Better Web Hosting or WordPress Hosting

Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting differ in their services. If you are looking for generalized services for your site, web hosting is for you, however, if you are looking for personalized and premium services, you must use WordPress Hosting.

Should I use Shared Hosting or WordPress Hosting

Shared Hosting provides basic services, thus, it is good for small websites and blogs. But if you want a highly optimized and encrypted website, you must use WordPress Hosting.

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