How to Learn VBA Coding in Excel

How to Learn VBA Coding in Excel? Microsoft’s Visual Basic for Applications is a popular programming language. VBA is included at no extra cost in any Microsoft Office applications. Using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), users of Microsoft Office can construct portable, self-contained applications. If you have an Excel workbook open, you can access VBA by pressing Alt + F11. Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) uses a combination of objects, variables, properties, projects, logical operators, and modules to ensure that debugging procedures may quickly identify statements.

Uses of VBA

1. Write Macros

Accountants, commercial bankers, investment bankers, researchers, sellers, dealers, portfolio managers, clerks, and administrators can all benefit from the time savings and streamlined workflow provided by macros in their daily work.

2. Refresh the Information

Excel’s VBA allows users to build and manage sophisticated models for trading, pricing, and risk management; predict revenue and profit; and calculate key financial metrics.

3. Conduct a Scenario Analysis

Portfolio management and hypothetical investments are only two of the many uses for Visual Basic for Applications. It involves sorting through several scenarios, each of which may have a unique effect on the final result.

4. Classify Data for Easy Access

In addition to producing lists of customers’ names or other material, you can utilize VBA to make bills, forms, and charts, evaluate scientific data, and manage data presentation for budgets and projections.

5. Quick Response Time

User interaction can be implemented using VBA. You may, for instance, need the user’s first and last names for a form. Using VBA, you can force the user’s hand by requiring them to respond to all the questions in a specific way.

How to Write VBA Coding

To write VBA, you must include the Developer tab in the Ribbon.

On the File tab, go to Options and then Customize Ribbon.

Under Customize the Ribbon and Main Tabs, click the Developer check box.

vba functions

Go to the Developer Tab, and tap on the Visual Basic button. A new window will appear – this is the Visual Basic Editor.

vba editor

When working in any Office application, press the Alt key plus the F11 key to open the Visual Basic for Applications window. If you accomplish this correctly, you’ll see a window pop up with a file tree on the left, a set of properties on the right, a debug pane in the middle, and your main coding area on the right and centre. At first glance, this may appear daunting, but it’s relatively easy.

Free Online Courses to Learn VBA Coding in Excel

You can take up the best free online courses to learn VBA coding in Excel. Here are some top 5 online courses for VBA.

1. Excel/VBA for Creative Problem-Solving Specialization-Coursera

The most excellent free VBA course is a speciality from Coursera, meaning that it comprises a selection of three courses designed to work together to maximize your learning. Coursera’s excellent courses and prominent relationships with top universities and institutes make it the best and most efficient MOOC platform. It will take roughly four months to complete the course.

Parts one and two teach how to use VBA to solve innovative Excel problems, and part three involves constructing many VBA projects to demonstrate your talents. This finest free VBA speciality will give you a shareable certificate of accomplishment to add to your resume or professional networking.

2. Excel: Macros and VBA for Beginners – LinkedIn Learning

The LinkedIn Learning course covers VBA and macros, a simple method to build shortcuts for your most common Excel operations. LinkedIn Learning, a sister site of LinkedIn, is foreign to many individuals. LinkedIn Learning’s thousands of MOOCs demand monthly subscriptions. New LinkedIn Learning users receive one month free.

Oz du Soleil explains when to use macros, especially for repetitive activities. He then shows how to utilize VBA to set up one of these macros to make Excel work easier. The course takes 40 minutes.

3. Microsoft Excel VBA Fundamentals–Learn Basic Coding Skills–Udemy

Udemy’s best free VBA programming course will teach you the basics. Udemy is a unique MOOC platform because instructors can post and sell their courses instead of working with colleges. Due to this, Udemy has thousands of classes of various lengths, subjects, and prices. On the free site, you can take professional and creative courses. This site-rated two-hour programming course has 4.2 stars.

The course teaches VBA basics such as event procedures, the Initialize Event, Sub-processes, and the master-slave approach. This training is intended for VBA beginners.

4. Microsoft Excel Essentials–VBA Programming-Skillshare

Skillshare, like Udemy, lets teachers create and upload their course content. Skillshare’s premium members pay monthly to access the site’s most complete and in-depth information. New Skillshare premium users get a 14-day trial, giving you plenty of opportunity to finish some of this 15-hour course for free.

This lesson covers the golden laws of coding, moving code, sheets versus worksheets, copying and pasting, row and column properties, and message boxes. After the course, you’ll be an Excel expert, developing your solutions faster and easier.

5. The Excel VBA for Complete Beginner-Home and Learn

The introductory programming course starts from scratch and provides a solid foundation in coding. This course is for beginners; however, you should have some Excel experience to advance. Home and Learn offers courses like Android Programming, PHP for Beginners, and Java for aspiring programmers, coders, and computer scientists. This Excel VBA course will teach you to programme, develop macros, and improve your Excel skills. The course covers VBA variables, strings, string functions, loops, and user forms.


VBA is a part of Visual Basic 6.0 BASIC (Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) used to construct Excel applications. VBA can use Excel’s sophisticated features. For personal use, simple macros can automate the most common operations. Excel and VBA enable vital business programmes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Excel VBA Easy to Learn

Learning Microsoft VBA is simple, with proper training.

2. Is VBA More Complex Than Python

Python is more straightforward than VBA to learn.

3. Is Microsoft VBA Free


4. Is C++ VBA-Like

VBA and C++ share data types but not names.

5. Is VBA Utilized in Data Science

The curriculum focuses on using a programming language to become a data scientist.

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