What is the Use of Microsoft Excel

What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is not just software for budgeting and stats. It is a workbook with a built-in database that has a vast array of features all in one single software. As an accounting program, it has features like a word processor, calendar, graphing, chart or bar, and more.

Excel is a tool for storing, analyzing, and reporting large amounts of data. Although it is often used by accounting teams for financial analysis, it can be used by any professional to manage long and complex datasets. Balance sheets, budgets, and editorial calendars are all examples of Excel applications. Excel is primarily used for the creation of financial documents due to its powerful computational capabilities. Because it allows accountants to view sums, averages, and totals automatically, accounting offices and teams frequently use the software, and with Excel, they can make sense of business data.

What is the use of Microsoft Excel?

Before knowing about the usefulness of Microsoft excel, one must understand what Microsoft Excel is. Well, Excel is a spreadsheet programme developed by Microsoft companies. It is composed of several rows and columns which meet each other to form a box called a “cell”. It is a popular software programme which is helpful all over the world. Wherever you go, you will find Microsoft excel in all computers of officers and employers.

Every type of job, business and working field need Excel. You can also say that Excel has become an indispensable part of a career. It can do any work like billing, accounting, calculations, estimation, data analysis, financing, tracking, providing security to the files, and many more. If you want to use Excel, you need to know its functions. There are a lot of uses of excel.

Uses of the Microsoft Excel

Storage and Analysis of Data

Data is a vital part of the business world. MS Excel provides the best feature called pivot table to analyse the data and simplify the numerical methodically. MS Excel can handle a vast amount of data in one go. You can also use charts and graphs to enhance the data in an arranged way to get the data quickly. Excel helps to store the data and save time and effort. The saved data can be helpful for other purposes too. Excel contains many tools to execute several operations on the data.

Make Work Easier

There are various tools available in MS excel to work efficiently and quickly. They are time-saving too. Tools help to sort, filter, calculating, restructuring, searching, analysing, etc. The devices will be very beneficial for you if you combine them with pivot tables. Many elements can be explored within the massive amount of data smoothly.

Formulas and Calculations

Ms excel have numerous in-built formulas and functions to carry out the operation on the data. It helps to solve complicated mathematical problems efficiently. You don’t need manual labour for mathematical calculations. Various formulas help execute functions such as finding sums, average, etc., on the multiple data. Dynamic procedures allow for updating the result immediately when there is addition, multiplication or subtraction.


Ms excel provides security to the excel files. You can give passwords to all the files in MS Excel for protection. No one else can able to see them or destroy them. People mainly refer to Excel for storing their data safely in an arranged way.

Online Access

Another best use of MS Excel is to access your Excel with other devices or locations online anywhere and anytime you want. It means you can also use mobile if the laptop is not available for you. MS Excel is the most versatile software program, so people rely on Excel to work effortlessly.

Keep Combined Data

MS Excel is also best in keeping all data in one location. In this way, you will get your data without wasting time.

Develop Future Strategy

In business, it is essential to analyse the data, trends, patterns and systems. So, here Excel provides charts and graphs to present more easily. Excel makes the task easy and helps to increase the profit of the business.

Manage Expenses

Ms excel helps to manage expenses well. Suppose you want to track your income and expenditure, then Ms excel is best for you. You can write your income and saving in the tables and apply various operations to handle the expenses.

There are a lot of merits to MS excel. Hence it is considered as the most popular spreadsheet program in the world.


Microsoft Excel is a powerful application software for entering data, preparing documentation, and performing data and financial analysis. It can be used for personal, academic, business, and organizational data analysis. MS Excel is a valuable productivity application used in many industries around the world. It is rich in features that make it a popular choice for many.

Microsoft Excel was introduced as a beginner and introduced its types, uses, and features. It finally dethroned Lotus 1-2-3 in the market. Also, you learned how to open Microsoft Excel 2016 using three methods, and we illustrated how to open Excel online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Should I Learn Microsoft Excel?

 In some way, we all deal with numbers: daily expenses are part of our monthly income. For one to spend wisely, they must know their income and expenditures, and Microsoft Excel can help to record, analyze, and store such numerical data.

What are the Main Features of Microsoft Excel?

MS Excel is the universal language spoken in practically all offices and is used by nearly all professionals. As a beginner or intermediate user of MS Excel, you should be aware of some of its most important features. These include inserting a pivot table, sorting tabulated data, adding formulas to the sheet, and calculating large numbers of data.

Can I ask Questions in the Microsoft Excel Class?

You can ask any question about Excel in the Excel training classes. Trainers online are all experts in the use of Microsoft Excel and have years of experience. They can help you understand basic, intermediate, and advanced concepts in the use of Microsoft Excel so that you can become an Excel spreadsheet expert.

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