What is Data Analyst Salary in India For Freshers

What is Data Analyst Salary in India For Freshers? A Data Analyst having 1 – 4 years of experience has an average earning of Rs 3,96,128, based on the organization and the location of the industry.

Job Responsibilities of Data Analysts as a Fresher

1. Analyzing Trends and Patterns

Data analysts must predict what might happen in the future, which is very helpful in business strategic decision-making. A data analyst must identify patterns that have occurred over time. After examining the patterns, he must also make specific recommendations

2. Creating and Designing Data Report

The data report created by a data scientist must be designed in such a way that it is easy to understand by the decision-maker. The data can be presented in many ways, including pie charts, graphs, charts, diagrams, and many others. Data can also be presented in a table, depending on the nature of the information to be presented.

3. Collection, Processing, and Summarizing of Data

A data analyst must gather the data, process it using the appropriate tools, and then summarize it in a way that makes it easier to understand. The summarized data can reveal a great deal about trends and patterns that can be used to forecast things and forecasting. The data analyst’s salary in India depends on the fulfillment of all responsibilities.

Components Affecting Salary of Data Analyst in India

The Income of the Data Analyst in India can be Affected by Multiple Elements Such as

  • Experience
  • Industries
  • Location
  • Skills
  • Based on Experience

Experience plays a significant role in finalizing the salary. One’s experience in the department adds the ability to grow more practical solutions and have broader knowledge, working agility, and more potent leadership skills.

A Data Analyst with experience of more than three years in the field will get a higher wage than the wage of a fresher.

As per the PayScale, the Average Salary, Based on Experience, for Data Analysts is as Follows

  • Entry Level (less than one year of experience)- ₹342,347 per year
  • Early Career (1–4 years of experience)- ₹426,604 per year
  • Mid-career (5–9 years of experience)- ₹696,444 per year
  • Experienced (more than ten years of experience)- ₹934,951 to ₹10,000,000 per year

Based on Skills

In general, better-focused skill is essential for obtaining a good career opportunity rather than getting a degree.

Some Skill Sets That can Affect the Salary of a Data Analyst are


Annual Average Salary

Data quality

₹ 1600000

Database management and reporting

₹ 462215


₹ 501064

Statistical analysis

₹ 480713

Microsoft excel

₹ 394932


₹ 504856

Web analytics

₹ 750000

Data analysis

₹ 450534

Based on Location

Location is also an essential factor that directly affects the salary. It mainly depends on the cost of living in a city or state and the employer’s demand. A fresher in Mumbai might be equal to an employer in Kolkata with 3–4 years of experience.

Here are Some Salaries of Data Analysts Based on Location

  • The mean salary of a Data Analyst in Bengaluru is ₹519,692 per year
  • The median salary of a Data Analyst in New Delhi is ₹410,377 per year
  • The gross salary of a Data Analyst in Mumbai is ₹405,150 per year
  • The  mean wage of a Data analyst in Chennai is ₹409,968per year

Based on Industry

Different companies and employers across various industries have different qualifications when hiring a Data Analyst. So, the salary is expected to be affected by the company’s location in the market, the duty, and the skills required. Below are the top companies in India that take up Data Analysts:

  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Accenture
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Capgemini
  • Flipkart
  • Cognizant
  • Infosys
  • Genpact
  • Latent View Analytics
  • Novartis

The Median Salary of a Data Analyst in India Based on the Employer is


Average annual salary


₹ 519215

Tata Consultancy Services

₹ 455163


₹ 725000


₹ 509334


₹ 368124

Tech Mahindra

₹ 325000


₹ 385484

Latent View Analytics

₹ 550000


₹ 700000


₹ 464516

Scope for Data Analyst Job in India

The data analytics provide has the potential to lead to huge advancements for businesses and people in every industry. End-users such as businesses of all stripes should take advantage of big data to make important decisions for their businesses and people. In exploring the potential of data and analytics, different sizes of businesses could be involved, which implies there are also numerous opportunities for job creation. According to the forecast, the demand for what is now a data analyst profile should be higher than the current supply.


If you are looking for a gradual increase in pay with time and upskilling yourself, data analyst is the right role for you. The average salary of a data analyst could range from ₹342,363/yr to ₹1,750,000/yr, but demand for a data analyst has improved since data consumption has more than doubled in recent years. A Data Analyst salary for a fresher in India could therefore be a good start. However, data analyst salaries are affected by several factors, including experience, qualifications, location, and employer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Salary of a Data Analyst in India?

It is obviously clear that the average salary for a Data Analyst in India is 4.3 Lakhs per year which is equivalent to ₹35.8k per month. Most salary paid sometimes is likely to reach ₹36,258 for various data analyst departments across all industries.

What is the Starting Salary for a Data Analyst in India?

The average starting Salary for Data Analysts in India is not really much but it’s around ₹1.9 Lakhs per year which is equivalent to ₹15.8k per month. For you to be an expert in this field you must have acquired deep experience.

What is the Highest Salary That a Professional Data Analyst in India can Earn?

The salary for this niche varies so, the highest salary that a data analyst can get per year is ₹11.1 Lakhs and also earn up to ₹92.5k per month. This pay also depends on the position you occupy as a data analyst.

What Does a Fresher Data Analyst Need to do Before Applying for any Jobs in India?

If you want to become a professional data analyst that will offer the best service, you need to get some certificates that will prove that you deserve a data analyst position. Then you can apply for the job.

Do Data Analysts get Paid Well?

Yes, data analysis is among the professional works to do in India. For a fresher who is new to the industry, such a person could get at least ₹30k per month, and also as a professional, you can earn at least ₹50k per month but this may vary depending on the location and skill set. To get this amount as a professional, you must have been in this field for about 5-6 years and have basic statistics and technical skills.

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