What Jobs Can I Do if I Know Excel

Microsoft Excel lets users format, arrange and calculate data in a spreadsheet. 82% of positions demand knowledge of Excel and previous experience working with productivity tools. In most cases, having Excel certification can boost your salary by 12%.

Excel can be a complex learning tool if you are new to working with data or spreadsheets. Once you reach professional status, you’ll have much greater access to employment and advancement opportunities.

Jobs you can do if you Know Excel

Almost every professional career requires interaction with Excel, but here are some main jobs you can get if you know Excel.

Business Analyst

If you want to succeed as a business analyst, you have to keep track of a lot of information. A company can get into serious trouble from the smallest of problems. Excel is valid for this purpose. All of your information will be safe and secure in one convenient location. As a result, you can quickly peruse the data, analyze it, and put it to good use without sacrificing anything.

Retail Store Managers

A retail store’s daily operations are overseen and managed by the store manager. Retail managers are accountable for boosting earnings despite having responsibilities such as developing store regulations, supervising and guiding personnel, and keeping tabs on inventories. Specifically, they look at sales and consumer data, compile annual budgets, and plan out costs. As a result, Excel is the go-to programme for this kind of work.

Accountants and Auditors

The experts ensure a company’s financial health by generating and analyzing crucial financial documents like cash flows, income statements, balance sheets, and tax returns. Without a college degree, landing this position would be nearly tricky, but accounting Excel abilities and certifications boost your chances of leadership and promotion.

Administrative Assistants and Office Clerks

Secretaries and other general office clerks are examples of administrative assistants who contribute to the smooth operation of firms through their work. They are the ones who help out with reports, paperwork, and appointments, as well as customers, visitors, and employees. Their toolkit includes Excel and word processing software.

The median yearly wage for general office clerks is $32,730, and the outlook is -4%, which indicates a slight decline in the number of positions that are predicted to be available in the future. Earning $34 520 annually, information clerks have a significantly more positive outlook of 0%.

Budget Analysts

Budget analysts or cost estimators are the individuals to consult if you want to obtain your money’s worth. Accurate estimates of the time, money, and workforce needed to complete a project are the joint responsibility of cost estimators, project managers, and engineers. All required variables are entered into Excel, and the necessary benchmark amounts are automatically calculated.

Educators and Teachers

Teachers must be skilled in more than just the content they teach; they must also be able to efficiently manage their classrooms, keep track of pupils, and plan lessons. As a result, most educators will become proficient Excel users due to the ease with which they can complete these jobs and the extensive resources available.

Many educators find Excel essential for student contact management and their coursework and further degree research. Paraprofessionals in the classroom earn an annual salary of $26,970, whereas professors in higher education earn a salary of $78,470.

Investment Bankers and Loan Officers

Excel’s proficiency with money is the reason for being popular among financial analysts, bankers, and other people whose careers revolve around handling money.

Loan officers typically employed by financial institutions like banks, credit unions, and mortgage businesses have a brighter-than-average job outlook of 8% and median yearly compensation of $63,040.

Market Research Analysts and Digital Marketers

Professional market researchers rely on their abilities to collect, manipulate, and evaluate field data, which requires them to draw on their creative and analytical faculties. Excel spreadsheets help these professionals organize and analyze data. Many methods, including search engine optimization (SEO), are used by marketers to pursue new customers and revenue streams.

Project Managers or Coordinators and Construction Managers

Managers of projects can be found in many different industries, but the construction and information technology sectors are particularly well-represented. Project managers are responsible for the planning, coordination, and supervision of complex endeavours like the creation of new software or the building of new structures.

They are responsible for establishing goals, delegating responsibilities, controlling expenses, and keeping the project on track to finish on time and under budget. Microsoft Excel is among the essential tools people turn to when they need to handle a wide range of activities quickly.

Sales, Marketing, Training and Administrative Managers

One could call sales and marketing a “numbers game” due to the evident numerical components. When dealing with numerical data, spreadsheet programmes are always present. Planning, scheduling, and organizing various objects and resources, typically with associated expenses and time stamps, is also necessary for training and administration.

Excel is ubiquitous. Managers rely heavily on Excel for financial modelling, data analysis, market research, and inventory management. Managers in sales make far more than their counterparts in training and development, who take home $113,340 annually.


Excel skills are a need for many professions, and some lucrative ones appropriately reward those who have mastered the program’s more obscure but potent data-crunching features. Excel’s easy-to-use interface hides thousands of functions, formulas, and tricks.

An excellent place to start is to learn which ones are most valued by employers. Becoming an Excel super user won’t be simple, but studying the programme can land you your dream career if you are willing to put in the effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Able to Master Excel in a Single day?

You cannot learn Excel in a day or a week, but if you try to understand each process one at a time, it’s possible.

Can I Make Money Using Excel?


How Popular is Microsoft Excel?

Excel is an essential skill that is in demand in a wide range of fields.

Are Pivot Tables Hard to Learn?

Yes. One of the most complicated parts of Excel is the pivot table, which can be hard to master without some guidance.

Does Excel Have Statistical Capabilities?

You may use the many statistical functions included in Excel to do calculations on either a single variable or a set of values within a worksheet.

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